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Do you fancy an Explosive Growth? Know how it works at Trivid Tech!

You Bring Ideas. You visualize plans, ideas and stay consistent on it.

You Create. You make a decision on the right way to go with while escaping the challenges.

You Manage. Direct your creations and become a manager.

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Trivid Technology Services is home to the smartest and skilled talents working with a goal to build a win-win situation for all. You can find a great career at Trivid in the following areas-


If you're hooked on producing engineered solutions that rectify the problems of industry, Trivid Technology welcomes you warmly.


Tap into modernization and give your precious contribution in "development" and "operations" of the industry. It's high time to get yourself up from traditional software and practices.

Customer-facing roles

Break the bars and get noticed by international brands. If your product is catchy enough to drag people's eyeballs, you build loyal customers.


Become well-versed with your product or service. Consider what works, and which item requires a bit of creative insight to get most of the expectations.


Justify yourself in a better way, hold the key to the office and get yourself into a manager role.

Job offers

Trivid Technology Services is the goldmine of opportunities where talent gets its real strength.

Java Developer



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A Sneak Peek Into this Career Package

In-House Training

Every passing day will be a learning day with our specialist in-house training.


Focus more on building solid experience and expertise via self-development classes taken online.

English classes

Gain mastery over English language even though complex accent, grammar or words kill you.

Multiple doors to success

Share your insights, get involved in the Trivid community and make a wise initiative that helps you and us in becoming a winner.